Over the past month, the FRAMEWORK team has engaged with thousands of community members, sharing information about the important work underway and asking them to share what is most important for the future. Over 1,100 unique comments have been collected on topics such as housing, economic development, schools, and more through an online survey and multiple in-person events. At a recent presentation at the Licking County Chamber of Commerce Local Leaders Breakfast approximately 200 people learned how FRAMEWORK is focused on taking action during a time of unprecedented change. Volunteers have reached far and wide—from the Granville Farmers Market and the Johnstown vs. Heath high school football game—to make sure the community has the chance to share their vision. We have partnered with more than 40 local businesses, governmental jurisdictions, school districts, non-profit and civic organizations to push FRAMEWORK materials out throughout the county in printed and electronic newsletters, social media and grassroots networks.

FRAMEWORK representatives will continue to be out and about through the end of the month and we encourage everyone who cares about the future of the County to share their ideas. The online survey will remain open into early November on the website at frameworkLC.org. If you would like a tool-kit to share information with an organization you are associated with or if you would like us to attend an event you are hosting please let us know at info@frameworklc.org. All comments will be databased and summarized so they can help to inform priorities moving forward.

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