FRAMEWORK is an unprecedented initiative created to align communities on a desired future.

FRAMEWORK is an unprecedented initiative created to align communities on a desired future. Licking County is part of a central Ohio region that is anticipated to continue experiencing significant growth and development. The potential for change was given a major boost in early 2022 when Intel announced it would build two leading-edge processor factories in Licking County. The plants come with a $20 billion investment from Intel that will yield 3,000 jobs.

FRAMEWORK will produce a collaborative vision, addressing economics, land use, character of place, transportation, and other topics. The initiative includes 15 jurisdictions who will focus on understanding the impacts―and identifying the potential benefits―of the anticipated investments of from the public and private sectors, catalyzed by the investment from Intel. The objective is to work with these Licking County communities who will be most immediately impacted to establish a development framework and strategic approach to managing change to ensure that the communities remain healthy and are successfully positioned for the future.

“As Licking County is faced with generational changes and growth, Villages, Cities and Townships have collaborated for best outcomes.  TJ Evans Foundation and Planning NEXT through the group known as Framework have provided that avenue through careful planning as well as housing, jobs and land analysis.  We only have one chance to get this right.  Framework has been forward thinking and understands the reason why we all call Licking County home.” – Mayor Melissa Hartfield, Granville

Why should I participate?

This is urgent.

With the opportunities sparked by the presence of Intel and other economic development efforts (suppliers, Meta, Google, Amazon, Amgen, etc.), the FRAMEWORK process aims to guide growth and change, not just react to it. Alignment of public and private leadership around a shared vision offers an unprecedented chance to shape a shared and impactful future.

This is important.

Licking County has much to gain by strategically aligning interests around a shared vision for the future. This work is critical to preserving assets while supporting shared prosperity and high quality of life.

This is your community.

While it might feel like a lot is going to change, this is your community, and your input is needed to maintain and reflect the aspirations of all who care about the impacted jurisdictions. Who knows the community better than someone who lives and/or works here?

Who is involved?

The Thomas J. Evans Foundation is serving as a neutral convener for FRAMEWORK, a public/private partnership, and is providing leadership and staff support to the project. The Leadership Team includes an elected representative from each participating jurisdiction plus leadership from public and private sector partners.

The participating jurisdictions include:

• Granville Township
• Harrison Township
• Jersey Township
• Liberty Township
• Monroe Township
• St. Albans Township
• Union Township
• Village of Alexandria
• Village of Granville
• Village of Hebron
• City of Heath
• City of Johnstown
• City of Newark
• City of Pataskala
• Licking County Government

Business Partners:

Community Endorsers:

Event Sponsors:

The Process

The FRAMEWORK process will span approximately 10 months. The community engagement process is kicking off in Fall 2022 and there will be multiple opportunities throughout the County to get involved. Completion will be in Spring 2023.